Cuban Black Bean Stew with Rice

by missy on June 16, 2010

You can link to this recipe if you go to the post just two bumps down called “Dinner in No Time”

I made this up  twice, once to keep and once to give away.
The giveaway batch was made first, and I am sheepishly hoping that the party to whom I gave it is not reading here.  This is because I made a change in the recipe on the second batch…..the one  we kept and the one which tasted best.

I cannot refrain from meddling with recipes.

So, I made the first batch according to Martha’s instruction, including the rice with the beans in the cooking.  When I looked at the finished product and tasted it, I thought it would be greatly improved if the rice were cooked separately.
So, on the second batch, I omitted the rice and the can of vegetable broth, and cooked up a pan of saffron rice in a separate pan, to be served alongside the beans.
More flavorful and less mushy rice…..always preferred!

Then I remembered that I had a smallish (6-7 oz.) chunk of pork leftover from Sunday night’s grilling, and so I chopped that up and tossed it into the beans while they were cooking.  And I must say, this was far superior to the batch of beans I gave away.
Next time you have a bit of grilled pork or beef hanging around the house, this bean dish a great place to put it!

For saffron rice, if you don’t have a recipe you like (and I don’t), just purchase Vigo’s Saffron Yellow Rice, or if this brand isn’t available where you shop, any of the prepared mixes of Spanish Yellow Rice will do.

Jon liked it with a bit of sour cream and chopped up scallions and fresh tomato on top.

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Tamekia Helfinstine January 26, 2011 at 2:31 am

I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I have you saved as a favorite to view fresh stuff you post.

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