Helen’s 3-Day Coconut Cake

This is my mother’s much loved coconut cake recipe, which she always served at Easter lunch back in those blessed days when she was cooking for us all.
When it says “3-day” that means make it three days ahead.  And this three day business was pretty huge with Mom…..like, you should see the look she gives if I make it only one day ahead.

And it actually is much better when you make it ahead of time.

There are some in our family who use Duncan Hines Golden Butter cake mix for the cake, but the preferred cake is as follows:

onc cup of soft butter
one and a half cups of sugar
one and two thirds cups sifted cake flour
three large eggs and one egg white, beaten but not stiff
one teaspoon almond  extract

Cream butter with sugar until fluffy.  Alternately add flour and  beaten eggs, blending well after each addition. Add extract.  When your batter is smooth, pour into two prepared nine inch cake pans.  Bake 25 minutes or until your toothpick indicates done-ness.
Cool on racks.

Now, gather the following for the frosting and filling:

two cups of sugar
two cups sour cream
two nine ounce packages of frozen coconut, thawed
one and a half cups Cool Whip

Combine sugar, sour cream, and coconut.  Chill.

Once you have  everything cool, assembled and ready to join  together….(I always take a deep breath at this point and have a little chat with my layers about not breaking as we move from rack to platter….)
The next step it to VERY CAREFULLY split each layer in half, creating four layers.

Then,set aside one cup of the sour cream mixture for frosting.
Spread the remainder between the layers of your cake.  ***

Combine reserved sour cream mixture with Cool Whip.  Blend until smooth, spread on top and sides of cake.

Store this in an air-tight cake container for THREE DAYS before serving.  It will be the moistest and most coco-nutty cake you ever tasted.

***Sometimes, at this point, I will put a layer of lemon curd as a filling between two layers, in place of the coconut mixture….so we have, from the bottom layer, moving upwards:  cake, coconut mixture, cake, lemon curd, cake, coconut mixture,  and then cake which will be frosted.

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  1. Frozen coconut is the shaved coconut in bags which is purchased in the freezer case in the US, but is found in the baking aisle in Canada. I just typed it from my recipe book without thinking it through. sorry Jess!

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