Wilson on Not Airing our Dirty Laundry

Nancy Wilson shared this link to an article written by her husband on the subject of husbands and wives not chatting all over town about their differences with one another.    Doug Wilson is taking aim at “Christian transparency” which encourages us to share all the messes of our lives and our family members’s lives with people  outside the protected confines of the family.
Nancy describes this article as “helpful”.   I think that’s an understatement of the highest degree.

One of my favorite lines from this article is this one:

“A tiff, properly contained, is what it is. But a tiff performed on stage is a species of high contempt for the other person.”

It is an excellent post!   And one that can be well applied to all family members, as it’s not only spouses who like to discuss the shortcomings of others which would be better kept confidential.    It can also be parents, sibling, in-laws, me, you…..

4 thoughts on “Wilson on Not Airing our Dirty Laundry

  1. I agree about the dirty laundry thing . . . but there’s a line, somewhere, particularly in the realm of parenting (not so much in marriage) . . .

    We cannot bear one anothers’ burdens if we don’t share them. There is something to be said for knowing someone has travelled the road you’ve travelled (and SURVIVED!) — and knowing someone is upholding you in prayer as you stumble and fall down, repeatedly, as God refines you in the fire of parenthood. Sometimes things DO need to be talked about so that you can know that you’re not crazy or horrible or the worst parent(s) on the planet. Sometimes you just need to know that you’re not alone. I’m not talking about glib gossip — but surely God uses other people, through THEIR stories, to enable us to see things in perspective, and to remind us of our Hope in Him.

    Ya — getting too emotionally involved in this thread. I’ll leave it at that :)

  2. I understand what you are saying, Paula.
    sometimes we are artificial and we are covering things that might be better left open in the proper relationship. Is that what you mean?
    It’s a careful job knowing when it’s appropriate, maybe.
    I want to be honest about the struggles in my life, but I don’t want to expose other people.
    You are also careful about that.

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