we had a small gathering at our house today…..

Here’s the “before” picture:

Here’s a little bit of the crowd:

And HERE are a few of the shoes of our guests…….one person said maybe it was close to 200 people.  I don’t know.

I think we got twice as many as we expected at this little open house.

What a crazy fun way to start out the year.

3 thoughts on “we had a small gathering at our house today…..

  1. Oh…Ha! I was too tired to mention why they came, perhaps.
    That was the annual New Years Day PARTY that’s held here in our little village. And in addition to people who live here, we got about 50 extras…..more merry for sure!! This party is held in a different house every year, and this was our second time hosting. (The other time we had it, I was eight and a half months pregnant with that last baby of ours.)
    Last time, we had 100 people. This time there were indeed close to 200…. and they were everywhere.
    When I went to go to be last night, I found punch cups and plates containing remnants of quiche, cheesecake and shrimp cocktail in my bedroom. Funny!

  2. Missy….it has been far too long since I have checked your blog…as evidenced by the last 40 minutes of thorough enjoyment of catching up. That party was spectacular… the book you made for jon simply wonderful and your handmade christmas…and your new years resolution…I could go on and on!:)
    I want to be just like you when I grow up…you are my hero in so many ways!!!! xxx

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