Off Schedule…..

Eleven Days Ago, this is what I said:

“The grind of getting books read and doing a decent job of educating my kids, and keeping the socks sorted and underwear clean and having the odd medical procedure here and there is, this week at least, bit of a juggling act…………I wake up at about 3AM thinking from time to time “I should start laundry, clean out the fridge, go over everybody’s math, pay the bills, and read a few chapters….”

I just wanted to say it again.

I think that this is the extra zingy spice of the “100 books and a marathon thing”. I have too much to do anyway. And new things are being added to life as we move along. But as long as the husband and kids are being well served, it’s full speed ahead.

I pulled up out of order and read all of How to Be Free From Bitterness. It is all about forgiveness, what it means that Christ offers us forgiveness, what the total forgiveness of Christ really looks like, and what it is for us to really and truly forgive people who offend us. You can’t hang onto any thoughts of “being right”. I have read it before, but I always see something new when I read it again. It is a small book, but so worthwhile. If you want a copy, you may order onehere or at Canon Press.

But, I have failed to start Liberal Fascism, and it will be my big project tomorrow……I am aiming at completing the first third of it, then into the center by Tuesday morning. Then comes the fabulous 6 days of heavy duty reading…..I would like to do 2000 pages. But I’m not going to ask people to guess how many pages I’ll read, like the Amazing Mandi did, because leaving comments here seems to defeat too many people, and it wouldn’t be any fun if all the guesses came in on e-mail.

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