The Incarnation of God

“Man’s Maker was made man; that He, Ruler of the stars might nurse at His mother’s breast; that the Bread of life might hunger, the Fountain of life thirst, the Light of life sleep in the darkness, the Way be tired on its journey; that Truth might be accused of false witnesses; the Teacher be beaten with whips, the Foundation of the Universe be suspended on wood, that Strength might grow weak, that the Healer might be wounded,  and  that life might die.”     –      St. Augustine

It is an amazing and incomprehensible thing that God was made human,  to poor  parents with no social standing, born an infant in a barn, placed in a trough….the bread of life for men, as if he were food for cattle.  It’s not the way we would do it, if we were asked to write the script.

But God is great, He is inscrutable and His wisdom shows the foolishness of our greatest insight.

So, we’re celebrating the most outrageous event in  history,  eternal God becoming temporary flesh.   And it is so much too great for us that we just turn away from it and bury ourselves in gift-wrapping and decorating and fudge making and entertaining.
But let’s remember this year that we are making all this joyful fuss to shout out to the world that God humbled Himself, brought Himself  low for us… that we who were His enemies could enjoy fellowship with Him forever.  That is such an incredible, amazing, heartbreaking Joy!

So let’s all wrap up a ton of gifts, make the  house extra festive, cook up some more fudge, and have a big party…..It is something enormous we’re celebrating!

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