Finishing is all the Fun!

I have got a little pile of finished knitted projects and I’m giving them all away.
It is such a joy to complete them and send them out into the world.

I think it’s OK to put some of them up here because the people I made them for never look at this blog, as far as I know…..

(There are six or seven more, all almost done, and if I show them it would spoil some surprises.)

First, above is the Modest Lace Shawl.   I learned to knit with organized holes on this project, and I have to thank my wonderful neighbour Patricia, who taught me how.   She learned from the pattern’s designer, and I am amazed at my good fortune in having such a patient good humoured instructor.
It’s called lace, and so I guess it is.
I used a Noro sock yarn, and I like the way the color changes and repeats itself.

I wish I had a photo of it before it was blocked.  It looked like an ugly old rag, and I nearly threw it away.  But once it was washed and stretched and straightened, I really liked it very much! And  Helen is such beautiful model, she makes everything look good!

I aso completed a funky orange poncho, which was not based upon any pattern, but was a crazy creation born on a speed tour through Mary’s Yarns, where I got tons of discounted wool, and lots of good advice  from Mary herself.  Nobody would model it, as it was too large for my girls, and I would not be flattering to an orange poncho.  So here it is, lounging in the kitchen:

And last night I (finally…) completed this red cashmere stole for my mother.

The pattern for this one is Cheryl Oberle’s Kimono Shawl pattern from her wonderful book of  Folk Shawls.  This is a great collection of patterns, there is something for everyone.  And her instructions are clear and easy to follow, very thorough succinct.

I used Lana Grossa Pashmina for this one, and found it was so nice to work with.  It’s so soft and elastic and warm.   She recommends silk, and a lighter weight than worsted,  for this shawl.    But I wanted something warmer than silk because this one was made for warmth and not just beauty.   I love it that you can fudge around with wool and change patterns and find that even when you go out on your own tangent, something nice can happen.
I have a bit of a hankering to make this one again……after a good prolonged break, and to make it in a DK weight  cashmere and make it more like a large scarf.

Here is a picture of how it looked just when I finished knitting, and before I blocked it.  I sort of miss the thickness that was lost when I stretched it out.  But it does show off a little more with all those lacy holes opened up from the blocking.  It’s nice both ways.

5 thoughts on “Finishing is all the Fun!

  1. These are lovely! I have an afghan my sister-in-law knitted for me over 25 years ago. It is still as beautiful as it was when she gave it to me. These will be treasured, I am sure.

  2. Maybe I can beg you to make another one of the red sort for me!?? I’ve had a hankering for a prayer shawl and that pattern would suit so well! (just a modest, unobtrusive hint :) )

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