Two sweet friends

Wonderful David just handed me a home-made eggnog latte, which is the most delicious way to get into the holiday mood.  With this in hand, I  thought it might be a  great opportunity to hunt through photos and put something Christmassy up on this blog, so as to better set the holiday tone.

But then I got stuck when I found this little item in among the photos from last Christmas.  Here are two dear friends who loved one another in such a precious way.  Neither of them will be with us this year  (though I do get to see my mom in a couple of weeks for her birthday).  Roscoe is gone, and I  miss all his softness and warmth.  But what a lovely thing it was to be his human, for a time.

Makes me want to  get ready to love whoever might be around the  table  this Christmas,  and make the most of our time together.    We’re getting ourselves organized so it can be sweet and fun!

(here are those two old buddies way back in California, being young and silly……)

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