Bombs, Birds, Whales…..

The grind of getting books read and doing a decent job of educating my kids, and keeping the socks sorted and underwear clean and having the odd medical procedure here and there is, this week at least, bit of a juggling act.
But we’re OK.
I just wake up at about 3AM thinking from time to time “I should start laundry, clean out the fridge, go over everybody’s math, pay the bills, and read a few chapters….”

Jon and the kids come first, the books are fitting in OK, and running in Ontario in February is surprisingly easy to just say “NO” to.

My copy of Richard Rhodes Making of the Atomic Bomb arrived in yesterday’s mail. I knew it was big, but it’s actually enormous. I’m a little intimidated. It’s in my next bunch of ten, and so I will have to give myself a little extra time for this set of books. I’ll figure that out tomorrow.

I don’t know why I put The Maltese Falcon in this list. But it’s there.
I hope it will be more than I’m expecting. At least it’s short.
I’ll read it this weekend, and let you know.

Michael and I are now reading through The Story of Science together. I’ll zip ahead of him and get the remaining chapters done by next Tuesday.

I have just this morning begun True Spirituality and will be reading a chapter a day for the rest of February. I should have taken the same approach to Jeremiah Burroughs, and I might just take the remaining Puritan books and read them slowly over the course of a couple of weeks, as they are full of great stuff that is better read slowly.

Then I will read the first half of Liberal Fascism, and save the second half of that one for after I return from San Diego.

For my California trip, I am taking Moby Dick and Psmith in the City, True Spirituality,
and just in case I finish those, I’m bringing A House for Mr. Biswas.
I have a hunch I will enjoy it more if I read it in warm sunshine….no visible snow.
Poor Mr. Biswas….I think it’s not him, it’s me.

I have to take a little break from running this week, says the surgeon, but I’m back on the road on Feb 12.

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