Superbowl, and saying farewell to my gall bladder…..

I have learned from CBC News that there is a tremendous shortage of chicken wings, and that this is expected to put a crimp in Superbowlcelebrations all over Buffalo. According to this report, nearly all the wings being served in Buffalo Sports Bars come from Ontario chickens.

I don’t know if Canada is growing a wingless chicken now, perhaps as a snub to those annoying Americans…..CBC left some important questions unanswered.

Anyhow, we are soldiering on here. We never eat Buffalo wings anyhow, it’s nachos or nothing at our house on Superbowl Sunday.

But when those nachos come out of the oven, I will not be indulging tonight. This is the last night I will be spending with my gall bladder, which does not much appreciate nachos.

I am happy to say that after three years of wishing this part of my body would go away, I can expect some satisfaction tomorrow morning around 8AM.

I have enjoyed almost 2 months without any gall bladder related trouble, until last Monday. I think it heard it was about to be evicted and so it staged a three day attack.
Like a prolonged gall bladder tantrum.
So, I am more convinced than ever of my need to divorce myself of this instrument of torture, and I am so very thankful to live at a time in history when it’s such a simple procedure to just take the thing out.

Meanwhile, we’re rooting for Pittsburg here…..we shall see who wins.

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