Getting Ready for Christmas

Some time last year I said something (maybe on this blog, maybe on the old green one)  about how our family has a wild ambition to hand make our Christmas gifts for each other in 2010.

This is inspired, as I am sure I mentioned before, by my old friends Scott and Kristine Gryder, who undertook with their entire huge and extended family to make all their gifts for each other last year.    They made furniture, exterior light fixtures out of fallen trees, tie-dyed shirts, picnic tables, hand-sewn items, cookies, spiced tea mixes, faux legal documents which were framed….and which must have been really hilarious if the look on all photographed faces is accurate.  The pictures I saw of that celebration were breathtakingly inspirational to me.

So, we have been working like little squirrels getting ready for winter around here.   I am just itching to post photographs of the humble little offerings that are piling up in all my gifty hiding places.  But it would spoil the surprise.

I have  to say that this is the most fun I have ever had getting ready for Christmas.   I’m getting my littler guys organized on some of their projects now, and we are having a crazy fun time gluing stuff to picture frames, and sometimes also to  our hair and the legs of the piano.

This is great fun, and I am already planning how we can do it better next year.  I wonder if anyone else has done something like this, and could share some good ideas for those family members who are less crafty or who are hard to find a gift for.

The photo above is of some of the raw materials for my gifts……..actually, the yarn is more lovely than what I made with it.

And here is Maggie, hard at work on something mysterious.

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Christmas

  1. Always fun to see pictures of Maggie doing anything:) i love the yarn and cannot wait to see what you have made, missy!
    im working on my own homemade gifts too…so hard to find time when there aren’t little eyes seeing and asking questions…but i’m trying:)

  2. Jess….so funny you mention that….I was just sitting in the living room knitting up a little item for one of my people who I thought was asleep. And that very individual came walking into the room in the most hilarious mood telling the kind of jokes one only laughs at after midnight, and then another hilarious kid joins in and I could not get them to go to bed… I sat there on the little project, which I had hastily stuffed into hiding. I miss you.

  3. Started a rather large and challenging project that I hope will be ready for christmas…for clara. Trying to replicate a dress, petticoat and pantaloon set she loves from one of the the Little house on the Prairie books…lots of ribbon and velvet lace and calico:) I hope very much that it fits her !

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