The Rare Jewel….

“All God’s strokes are strokes of love and mercy, all God’s ways are mercy and truth, to those that fear Him and love Him (Psalm 25:10). The ways of God, the ways of affliction, as well as the ways of prosperity are mercy and love to him.
Grace gives a man an eye, a piercing eye to peirce into the counsel of God, those eternal counsels of God for good to him, even in his afflictions; he can see the love of God in every affliction as well as prosperity.
Now this is a mystery to the carnal heart. They can see no such thing. Perhaps they think God loves them when He prospers them and makes them rich, but they think God loves them not when He afflicts them.
That is a mystery, but grace instructs them in that mystery, grace enables men to see love in the very frown of God’s face, and so comes to receive contentment.”

Jeremiah Burroughs

The Rare Jewel , p. 21

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