In case anyone at your house is a “Trick-or-Treater”

Here is something really funny, from the blog of  David Regier……I have only posted part of it,  you’ll have to click on the link at his name and visit his site for the rest.   It’s more and more fun as you read on…..

Instructions for the kids in the distribution of the Halloween candy……

From the Book of Davidicus:

3 Of the spoils of your wandering, you shall devote a tenth of the firstfruits to your father. But take heed that you devote what has chocolate, so that he shall be pleased with what he receives.

4 Of the Reese’s®, you shall devote them all, likewise the Snickers®. But take heed, lest you try to test your father and give him Skittles® instead of M&Ms®, and thereby incur his disfavor.

5 Of the Pixi Stix®, and the Sweet Tarts®, and the Kandy Korn®, you shall give him no part, for they are an abomination unto him. But of the Nestle Crunch® and Krackel®, you shall give him a portion, as a peace offering.

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