Feeling His Pain

Haile Gebrselassie  of Ethiopia had a knee problem and had to drop out of the New York City Marathon today….This photo was most certainly taken on a happier day.

“at 1 hour 19 minutes 40 seconds of theNew York City Marathon on Sunday, as the men’s lead pack descended the Queensboro Bridge near the Mile 16 marker, Gebrselassie grimaced, slowed and drifted to his right, finally stopping as the leaders ran on.”

I understand  that,  because he received a $400,000 appearance fee, some are giving him a bit of an insensitive eye-roll.   But he has all my sympathies.  I know how mortifying it is to drop out, having done so myself at nearly the same mile marker a year ago.
And I know that a chubby housewife has virtually nothing in common with an Ethiopian racing phenomenon.   Still, it was a sad day for this skinny ultra-fast miracle on two feet.
Dropping out is just sad, no matter who you are.

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