Howard’s End

If there is comfort food, then Howard’s End is a comfort book.

I found too many really gorgeous gems in this book to narrow it down to any few for the blog.
I will say that my very favorite chapter is chapter 20….so much joy at a juncture that might have been awfully stressful.
and my favorite idea from the book comes just a few pages earlier in chapter 19 when Margaret notes that it is “wonderful knowing that a real man cares for you…”
She’s confident enough in herself to relax in the security of having an honorable, kind gentleman taking her into his embrace.
It is sweet, I can tell you.

So I’m sad to be done with this book.

Maybe I’ll read A Room With a View next year. It won’t be A Passage to India, though. I have read too many books about India these past two years…..
A Fine Balance,
Midnight’s Children,
My Name is Red,
The Kite Runner….
I think there must be more….bookclub went into a deep marinade of Indian fiction for a while.

So I have an extra copy of the book….improvident purchasing on my part.
If anybody would like to read this book, but you find you don’t have it, I will mail it to the first person who asks.

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