A blog named “Fred”

I really love writing here, the same way I love sleeping late and walking alone in the woods.  But it’s hard to find the time.

I wonder how many people have a whole pile of things they love to do, which are kept on the shelf where they gather dust, because more important things and people have to come first.

Two years ago, I started writing a blog in a moment of desperation.  My mother had been visiting us for a month, and her needs were fairly time consuming.  And they were important, and it was a privilege to be able to serve her.  But with those responsibilities on top of the regular needs of the seven people I live with and love, I began to feel like I was drowning.  I knew that we would all do better if I could find a way to lift my sights a little, something to breath some cool oxygen into our lives so that I could move through each day in a less wooden way.

Skipping a few steps then, the blog and the challenge of 100 books and a marathon in a year all fell into my lap in one crazy weekend.  And, having taken on a blog, I had to NAME the blog.
So, that weekend, Audrey and I were in the car on the way to Garden Basket for groceries, with the windows down and the music up high, thinking about the enormous potential for me to neglect my family as I buried myself in books and marathon training.

We laughed loudly at the great humor of naming the blog “Get Your Own Lunch, I’m Reading”……picturing me hunched over a book in the living room with hungry children whimpering at me for a sandwich as I snarled back at them to feed themselves.

I did not in fact ever tell any of my kids to make their own meal so that I could pursue my hobbies.  But I did find that as long as I was serving my family well, the books and the running could never take the front seat position necessary for me to succeed.  And that’s OK.  It was a good year anyway and I learned so much.  And it did breathe some cool oxygen into our lives.

I am giving the blog a face-lift, and thinking of how to make it more my own, and less of a strange and awkward project which doesn’t fit into our lives.  So that I can just write here about what’s interesting to us.  Because , it turns out that that is really enough.

But , since one of the many many things I have learned from my little bump-up with blogging is that it’s really beautiful to serve where I am supposed to be serving rather than to show off where I should NOT……maybe it’s time for a new name.

I asked Jon  what he thought would be a good name, and he said “You could name it Fred.”
Then he looked at me over his bifocals with that “Doctor face” of his, and said   “You know, ‘fred’ means ‘peace’ in Norwegian.”
So maybe I will have a blog named “Fred”………

Unless a better idea comes along.

3 thoughts on “A blog named “Fred”

  1. I like “Fred”. Whenever I’m meeting my new kindergartens at the beginning of the school year I usually say “You must be Fred!” as they’re getting on the bus. It makes them laugh which makes me laugh too and that makes that first bus ride a little easier…. more peaceful?

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