Another Book Club Title

[Gathering_071026024950433_wideweb__300x484.jpg]Add another book to the list…….. The next book to be read under the heading of “Bookclub Requirements” will be Anne Enright’s The Gathering.
Anybody outside the Whitevale bookclub interested? It’s to be read by March 21, plenty of time.

It’s a Man Booker award winner. About an Irish family, sounds like a child is lost in the story.

I am now finishing Howard’s End, which is such a delightful book. Of the eleven or so I have finished on my list, it is the one I have enjoyed the very most. Not a grind to get through at any point, just pleasant reading. I have loose ends to tie up with Ulysses and The Iliad, I will read the Odyssey with the kids over the next few weeks, and I am giving up on A House for Mr. Biswas for now, and saving him for some relaxing summer afternoon.
I should mention that Ulysses is being read for a crazy splinter group of our bookclub, and we are taking it so slowly that we don’t expect to finish until June. We want to make T-shirts, and we’re not a very organized splinter group, so we need plenty of lead time to get sizes from everybody, agree on a color, and worst of all….design the logo.

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