Mom’s 75th Birthday

Here are some pics of us last Saturday. The first is of Jon and Roy, the next one is Maggie loving her cousin Burke Almand. Then there’s one of Jon and David, and the last is a picture of my mother and my daughters and me.

Yesterday we drove from Clarksburg, WV to Toronto. The best part of the trip was having Jon along. After so many trips from here to Asheville driving solo, it was just too much fun to hand the wheel over to him when driving got old. And he read bits from Liberal Fascismand the NY Times to keep me alert during that long spell through Pennsylvania.

We had a great visit in the South! Miriam and Bill and their 3 lively kids came down from DC and we had so much fun with them. We hardly ever get to just kick back with them, so that was maybe the highlight of the trip for me.

Our kids got to run like crazy through the woods with cousins and Solms boys at Highland Lake Inn for the week, and they all (12 kids) wound up inside the large goat enclosure at one point. So when nobody on staff at Highland Lake came out and yelled at us, I decided that it’s my favorite place to vacation with kids on the planet. I’m told that Daniel walked halfway out onto the dam, which means he was on the waterfall over rocks yelling back at his brothers that he couldn’t hear them calling him back…..we’re always thankful to bring that boy home alive!

We had a big party to celebrate Mom turning 75 last Saturday, and that was lots of fun. We all saw people we had not seen since we were young and thin. There are a few pictures here. Somehow, there are not any good shots of Mike and Dan, so they will have to appear on the blog later.

I only got halfway through Uncle Tom’s Cabin, as I was too busy goofing off with the family. Jon is well into Liberal Fascism, and wants me to read it as soon as he’s done. The pressure!

We’re off to Norway in 16 days, I want to be done with Uncle Tom, well into Idols for Destruction, and we’ll decide later what goes on that trip.

So, Jim….I wonder if you are reading Idols yet? And Kathy, I will give you my copy of Uncle Tom so maybe Santa can bring you something more fun. Scott, we missed seeing you….I had a hat with me that I wanted to get a shot of you wearing. I think you were off at Clemson that day.

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