Flying by the seat of my pants

This post is for all you mothers out there.

Do you ever sit down, probably on Sunday evening, and make a gorgeous plan for your week?

My only real gift in life is  that I can make the most fabulous schedules which are broken down into half hour segments, each with its own little box for a proscribed activity, the accomplishment of which will move  the day along like a Swiss railway.

These schedules are like oxygen to me.  And if anyone wants to hear where I got my itch to create them, see me after the lecture….oh…. sorry….. you can just click on this link to find the program that I love the most.

But anyway, because Monday was a holiday in the country where I live now, and because my husband, an anchor and a rock of northern European orderliness, was in Barcelona, and because I am mothering a baby raccoon in addition to the other six humans, two dogs, two cats, two giant lizards and a snake, and because my mother is here and wants to chat for much of the morning, and because I am by nature a flake…..I am just way off kilter.  I never made a schedule, and it appears that I cannot operate without one.

The garden is screaming at me to pull more weeds, plant more clematis and periwinkle, and divide the overbloated hosta.  So I have spent an outrageous amount of time working on that.
And there is a gigantic neighborhood yard sale this Saturday, and there’s a pile of stuff to get ready to sell.
And next  Monday our backyard will be dug up so that I can have a beautiful new patio, and that means there are plants to be moved, saved, and watered, watered, watered.

And then there was that  two hour badminton tournament yesterday.

It’s as if we have been overtaken by a kudzu growth of paralyzing spring fever.

So the punchline to all this blather is that we have hardly done any schooling at all this week.  Like, almost nothing at all!   I heard Helen tell my mother in law on the phone that we were having spring break this week.  That was a sweet way to put it.   But Helen’s like that, she would be the perfect diplomat.  Some kids might have said “Mom seems to be turning into a hippie surfer dude, please send help.”  But Helen makes it sound respectable.

I would like to open a homeschooling mothers confessional here….I have an idea I’m not the only person  for whom this has occurred.

Next week, we will hit the books hard, and I expect it will be a beastly chore to get those kids back in the house after this week outside.

4 thoughts on “Flying by the seat of my pants

  1. Ah, my dear, life here is and has been for years and year one perpetual hippie-surfer-dude-spring-break (against and in spite of my best efforts, including 30 min. incremental schedules). And yet, we just graduated a very fine specimen of a son – a young man ready and willing to take on the world with wisdom and panache (pardon my braggadocio) – even though there were a few years there that I was certain such a glorious milestone would never be reached (as I was convinced would be the case with the eldest daughter at one time, and as I am sure is the situation with the youngest two left)!

    My point is, keep on keeping on. We’re so not in control of life, although we must make the attempt again and again to be so. Keep on keeping on, with faith, joy, and gratitude. But, I preach to the choir. You know this better than I do.

    Rejoicing that you’re getting a new porch, the flowers are blooming, you’re brave enough to foster baby racoons, and that you’re mother talks, etc.!

  2. Missy…

    I don’t know many kids as thoughtful and lovely as yours… So, school or not, I figure the Lord is giving you the Grace to do a whole awful lot of things right!

  3. Missy!!! I loved your post! A homeschool mom’s work is never done, actually a woman’s work is never done! It brought a smile to my heart to know someone else feels the yard burden of spring! What a lot of work, yet every year I am sure it will look like one of those gardens in some English country magazine. It never does, but I still persevere.

    Yes, there’s always the ‘next week we’ll do better at school’! Me too!We will be done next Friday, which will be nice!

  4. Well, my dear friend, our spring has been such a beast that after tomorrow (when we’re participating in a small science fair) I’m declaring this school year DONE. Yup — finito! There are all kinds of things we haven’t “finished” — but what does it matter in the grand scheme of things?!?!? Head knowledge is just sand in a sieve so much of the time. We’re going to find some trees to climb (harder than it sounds!), explore some creeks, and enjoy some stress-free chill-time together before the pull of freed friends kicks in around our neighbourhood.

    I suspect that that two-hour badminton tournament you had yesterday went farther in making memories and building character than any well-devised lesson plan you might have created. Certainly your family will know that their mother loves them enough to ditch what she views as important and make spending simple, fun time with them a priority. Volumes of value above even the best curriculum, IMHO!

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