What brought THIS on?

I write this as I am freshly returned from a gigantic homeschooling convention.

I am home, full of hope and promise and ambition.

I have managed, by the grace of God (No kidding…) to covey this hope, promise and ambition to my victims, who are my offspring.

I’m saying that my sweet children are all cheerful and in the game with me as I’m pep-talking them about transcripts and essay writing and reading a million pieces of classical literature in preparation for the Scholastic Aptitude Test
and the one thing all kids want most , cultural literacy.

This does sound like a fantasy story.  And it’s only happening because I have the nicest kids.
And for anyone who knew me as a teenager, how bloody likely is any of this?

I must say that , as a lazy underachieving highschool student in 1980, I did not knowlingly prepare for the SAT in any way.
I just walked in and took the test…. and aced it.
When I received my score, I read it as if it were permission to retire. I thought, hey if I can ace the SAT….and then use it to enter university a year early (which I did….) life must be a breeze.
So, of course, I was an idiot.

Life is hard.  I floundered around for a few years.  Then I kind of found my way.

Then, in a move much like my triumph at the SAT, only way better, I married Jon.

What a guy. Miles out of my league.

How did this happen?
The only answer is that God is just way gracious with me.

So, I am spending the September years of my life getting the education my parents wanted me to get between ages 17 and 21.

And I’m hauling my kids along with me, and they are apparently coming willingly.    They actually look enthusiastic.

And I have compiled most of a book list which can be viewed on the page bookmarked…..Book List.

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