Grace and Peace

It comes to my attention, more and more, that the apostle Paul in all his letters to the early churches always greets them saying “Grace and peace to you…..” along with mention of how he’s always remembering them in prayer with great thanksgiving.

So, I’m aware that I have a bit of a tendency to be something of a peace disturber at times.

So the challenge for today, tomorrow and every day is then to use these greetings as an example for myself.  To set a filter of grace, peace, and thanksgiving on all my communications with my husband, children, neighbors, telemarketers, receptionists…….everyone.
Before I open my mouth  to speak, I need to ask myself if what I’m about to say is consistent with praying with thanksgiving that the person before me will enjoy grace and peace.
And whatever God sets before us to do, he will enable us to do it.

6 thoughts on “Grace and Peace

  1. I must need to spend more time with you; your comments about yourself always amaze me because they are so opposite to what I see in you! You a peace disturber???? You are my friend that epitomizes grace and peace! That’s always what I experience from you.

    But I do pray for grace and peace TO you:)

  2. Yes, it’s been at least that — maybe even more. This week is packed — but how does some time next week look to you?

  3. Missy — is there a way for me to sign up to receive notification of your posts and follow-up comments? I don’t quite understand all the RSS stuff or how it works.

  4. Paula, I am still learning wordpress, but I will put that on my list of things to figure out. I had just sort of hoped there was a way to follow, as I have looked and not yet found the linky thing.
    I am an almost 50 year old woman swimming in unfamiliar waters.
    can you tell?

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