Shocking news about Canadian Taxes?

Well, being American and all, when I saw the bit of shocking news here below, I thought….how on earth can I comment on this without sounding imperialistic or American or something.  I can’t.  But here it is.

“VANCOUVER, B.C. – A prominent think-tank that’s often critical of government spending policies says Canadian families spend more than two-fifths of their total income on taxes.

The Canadian Consumer Tax Index 2010, which calculates the total tax bill of the average Canadian family, found that taxes have increased by a whopping 1,624 per cent since 1961. In contrast, expenditures on housing increased by 1,198 per cent, food by 559 per cent, and clothing by 526 per cent from 1961 to 2009.”
Is this shocking news to anyone?
All you have to do is look at your tax form.  This information is not being hidden from us.
I thought everybody was OK with paying 41% of their income for taxes.    I mean, it’s for free health care.
The link for the whole article is right here.

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