Reading Between the Lines

Here are a few little gems from Gene E. Veith’s excellent book Reading Between the Lines, A Christian Guide to Literature.

“The habit of reading is absolutely critical today, particularly for Christians.  As television turns our society into an increasingly image-dominated culture, Christians must continue to be people of the Word.  When we read we cultivate a sustained attention span, an active imagination, a capacity for logical analysis and critical thinking, and a rich inner life.  Each of these qualities, which have proven essential for a free people, is under assault in our TV-dominated culture.  Christians, to maintain their Word-centered perspective in an image driven world, must become readers.”

“We think with words. Our attitudes and our behavior are shaped by the language that we choose, or that we pick up unconsciously from the world around us.  For this reason, Christians need to cultivate a sensitivity to language.  Reading and reflecting upon literature is perhaps the best means to that end.”

“Some Christians do not realize that they are heirs to a great literary tradition.  From the beginning of the church to the present day, Christian writers have explored their faith in books, and in doing so have nourished their fellow believers.  Some of the best writers who have ever live have been Christians, working explicitly out of a Christian worldview.  To their loss, many contemporary Christians are unaware of Christian writers – both from past generations and those writing today.”

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