Having Gone Gray…..

So, you know I have this (relatively) newish head of silvery-gray hair.

My hair was dyed brown for 15 years, mostly because I didn’t want to have gray hair while I was carrying my own babies around.  I was afraid somebody would mistake me for their grandmother.  (Hahaha, like that would ever happen…….)
And now, after that ghastly growing out period, it’s all gray.

So, the other day, I went shopping with The Baby of my Old Age.  While we were out, a store clerk, who was trying to sell me a leather bag, turned to Maggie and asked her if she was having a fun day outwith her grandma.
I kind of laughed and told her I was 44 when she was born
and that she was MINE.
Poor clerk.  She just sort of vanished and I never saw her again.
So, now I am really really glad I dyed my hair all those years.

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