Providence means we wait for perfect timing


It seems like our house is going to sell.

I’m whispering, as I am afraid I might jinx it.   It almost fell through last week.

The sale of this house did not go the way we thought it would.

We thought we were selling a really awesome piece of property, one where we had been very happy, and where we had made a mountain of improvements.   And where life can be rich and sweet for another family.

How utterly gobsmacked we were when it didn’t sell at top price the first week on the market.

But it didn’t.    And the price dropped and dropped and dropped again.

And there is a very long list of great good that has come to our family, because of our home’s failure to sell.

We have faced some fears and idols and unreasonable expectations head-on.   And we have experienced some financial grindings that were really unfamiliar to us.  And as much as I didn’t want it, I am really thankful to be in the midst of it.  At Christmas.

But, again, in whispered tones, I will say that it seems our house has sold, closing in 45 days, maybe.

And the God of the very universe is aware and is caring for us through what feels like a thin and challenging time.  And He is looking after us with tender kindness.   I find that there are lovely and dear sisters and brothers coming across my path……just at the right moment……with just the perfect word of encouragement or of reminder that God is good all the time.

But, I was talking to my kids this morning, and we were all seeing that when life is challenging, we are facing temptations that are new for us.  We are all up against temptations to complain, or to do less than our best, or to meet our commitments at their most minimal requirements, and to long for another situation, which is really a big fat lack of thankfulness.    So that’s what we prayed for here today, that we can be thankful for the real riches we have (as they are huge) and remember that often our expectations are unreasonable.   We do have a savior who knows what’s really needed, and how best to give it to us.

And the next step will be to find a new home to buy.  And I have to say here, that this home purchase is really huge for me.

I have never lived in any house for more that seven years, in all my life.  I have such a longing for a home of my own…..and in my little heart I am so hoping that this next house will be my HOME.    Like, maybe I will not leave it until I go to heaven.   That’s a fair bit of pressure to put on a real estate search.   But, right or wrong,  I think that’s what I’m doing.

I’m waiting for my home to come up in front of me and make itself known.  And I am so thankful for Jon now.  He is much less passionate about this purchase.    He’ll be the level head that prevails.

So  I am l pretty giddy about this next step.


3 thoughts on “Providence means we wait for perfect timing

  1. My dearest friend, I am so delighted to read this post.
    I am praying that the Lord would answer your desire for a
    “home” swiftly as only He can do and that you both would
    feel that this is the one! I can hear that God is doing good
    stuff during this whole real estate journey.
    Much love from all of us in a snow free Richmond Hill !!!!!

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