So, after that last blog entry, I couldn’t much bring myself to write another until some amazing real estate event occurred.

I guess you might say that such an event has now happened.  It appears that our house will close in two months, as we are now under agreement.  And  I am happy for the purchasing family, as they have gotten the very deal of the century.  I hope they will be happy there, as we certainly were.  The neighbors are the real treat there, and this family does not yet know what a marvellous community they have fallen in to.    They think they are buying a house, but they are actually getting a whole new family.   People we love.

And I am thankful it’s  going to be someone’s home.  It was such a nice home for us.



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  1. Missy, I am so glad that your house sold!! That must be such a huge relief. Sending hugs from all the Rogstads :).

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