New Oven!!!!!!

This is really huge!

Almost anyone who has come to my house for dinner has witnessed crazy erratic behaviour on the part of my oven.
Whenever the thermostat registered a respectable temperature, say 375 degrees, for more than 45 minutes, the oven would freak out.   The computer would shut all heating elements down, both in the oven and on the stove-top.  Lights would flash, and the oven would actually beep until pulled away from the wall and unplugged.   We replaced the computer panel in it twice, both times on warranty.  But being long-suffering and of hardy stock, we thought it wise to persevere with the  evil oven we knew rather than go out and spend a thousand bucks on a whole new kind of evil oven.

And we continued to invite stimulating throngs of people over, only to serve dinner 30 minutes to an hour late due to our malfunctioning oven.   Sometimes it would shut itself down with no guest present,  every single night for a week.  And then, just as I was poised to sell a dog or a family heirloom in order to pay for a new oven, it would settle down and cook dinner like it should.   And I would forget.

Then, after a month or more passed, Thanksgiving dinner (or any old festive occasion at which we had more than 12 extra diners) was always the signal for the oven to go berserk again….. just as the meal was almost (but not quite)  done….the entire range would shut itself off, beep out a distress signal, lights flashing like Las Vegas.    There were three or four dinner party events at which the oven refused to finish cooking dinner in the presence of guests I didn’t really know very well….and those evenings were just excruciatingly humbling for me.  I lived with that character building appliance for seven years.

But, NO MORE!!!!!    Jon said “Go buy an oven” last Saturday, and I could hardly get out of the house fast enough.  He did the research, and I got to do the fun part….picking it out.

My lovely shiny new oven arrived yesterday, and we are all quite infatuated.  It has not turned itself off even once.  It does ding out a melody and flash, but only to announce nice things.   If you would like to come over for a meal served on-time, it’s safe to do so now.

Here she is, cooking our dinner:

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