Having Gone Gray…..

So, you know I have this (relatively) newish head of silvery-gray hair.

My hair was dyed brown for 15 years, mostly because I didn’t want to have gray hair while I was carrying my own babies around.  I was afraid somebody would mistake me for their grandmother.  (Hahaha, like that would ever happen…….)
And now, after that ghastly growing out period, it’s all gray.

So, the other day, I went shopping with The Baby of my Old Age.  While we were out, a store clerk, who was trying to sell me a leather bag, turned to Maggie and asked her if she was having a fun day outwith her grandma.
I kind of laughed and told her I was 44 when she was born
and that she was MINE.
Poor clerk.  She just sort of vanished and I never saw her again.
So, now I am really really glad I dyed my hair all those years.

Going Gray…….

I have just checked out the Amazing Mandi’s new website for the first time.
(I am wondering if she hates me calling her that…..)
Anyway, it’s a very cool and interesting website, and here it is. Actually, that link will take you to her little page about gray hair.
She deals with many subjects dear to my heart like women shooting guns, camping with friends and she has a great list of 100 books we’d do well to read.

But back to the gray hair…..
Some of you who know me will recall that last year my goal was to let my hair go naturally gray…..to stop coloring it.
And then my husband looked at the floor and shuffled his feet and said maybe I could wait a few more years, and then five or six hairdressers told me they would not help me go gray gracefully because I’m “too young” , and then everyone else in my life reminded me that people would start asking me if I am the grandmother of my youngest children…..
So I just cut my hair short, and it’s still brown.

I think our entire culture is warped in regards to old age…..and I am too wimpy to just go gray despite them all. For pete’s sake, I will be 47 this year!